3-3-2098, label/studio/date unidentified

Side A
The Evil Old Man
Garbage Can from Thailand/The Thing from Thailand
The Lottery Ticket
Captain Hale
Side B
Dark, Dark, Dark
Mr. Shilita/Captain Hale Goes to Japan

3-3-2023, label/studio/date unidentified

Side A
Two Boys in a Haunted House
The Castle of Lo Sein
Side B
The Richard Roffman Radio Show
Garbage Can from Thailand
Hallowe'en Night!

Sanders Recordings 6612, New York, 1972

Side A
The Wax Museum
Granny, Sing No More!
My Next Door Neighbor, Is a Wicked Witch
Side B
The Voodoo Woman!
The Evil Portrait of Old Man Beni

Sanders Recordings P200/P225, New York, 1971

Side A
The Golden Arm
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Side B
The Ghost of Pop Balinne

Sanders Recordings 5600/5601, New York, 1970

Side A
The Gorgon's Head
Side B
The Old Man's Allright

Sanders Recordings 714, New York, 1969

Side A
The Old Woman of Haunted House
Side B
The Tinder Box