"Radio killed the video star is how I sing that song."
— Logan

"Wow. These utterly retarded (yet compelling) homemade spooky radio 'drammers' were aired by regional east coast stations in the late sixties and early seventies. While the experience of stumbling onto such lunacy on the airwaves can't be approximated by finding it compiled on CD, this screwball vision is a delight in any context. Every tale is a reductive morality play scripted around Fountain's specialty voices—an incredibly irritating old woman/witch, a mush-mouthed and seemingly senile gang boss, a tough-as-nails gun moll obsessed with her own name, and old guys with varying (horrible) Irish and Scots accents. The simplistic, repetitive plotting, recurring snatches of dialogue, casual xenophobia and broad exposition have a weirdly rhythmic quality that will infect your brain and leave you thinking like Fountain. 'No one blows the whis-soe on Pop Serriano!'"
— Kim Cooper, Scram (magazine)

Top 10 recordings (samsung.com)
"Brilliantly out-there outsider radio-dramas from 1969-74. Not for everybody, but I dig it!"
Matt Groening

(On Judson's The Old Woman of Haunted House:) "After five or six listens, this is still incomprehensible."
— Jackson Brian Griffith, Pulse, October 1994

"I hate this guy and his work."
Byron Werner