"As you know, they run radio programs different times. The same time it's daytime one place while you may be listening, it's night time some other place they're listening at the same time you are. So if it's daytime you're listening to this program now, well, just listen. But if it's night time you're listening — STOP!, whatever you are doing. Turn out all the lights, because right now, Judson Fountain brings you a brand new radio drama, as only radio can bring it to you."
(The Gorgon's Head)

"What I am holding in my hand is a gun — in case you didn't know."
(The Voodoo Woman)

"I didn't see anything upstairs. I'll go down these stairs here. Wonder what's down there? Looks like I'm going down the cellar of a house — or something."
(The Gorgon's Head)

"Now, go and have one on your brain!"
(The Wax Museum)

"Maybe God will — but not you!"
(The Voodoo Woman)

"Just because I'm 18 years old doesn't mean I'm a criminal. You were 18 years old once yourself."
(The Wax Museum)

"A suitcase that size is too small to hold clothes. It can only hold one thing: MONEY!"
(The Gorgon's Head)

"Now you see this? If you don't know what it is, I'll tell you. It's a gun."
(The Old Woman of Haunted House)

"Standing there in back of you, face-to-face, is now the old man you killed. He's old, horrible-looking — and he's dead!"
(The Garbage Can From Thailand)

Mr. Smith: "And don't call me 'sonny.' I'm 35 years old. I'm not a kid. I'm a man!"
(Granny, Sing No More!)

"Oh no, it's Tommy. He's dead. His neck is broken. I gotta get outta this weird house."
(Two Boys in a Haunted House)

Announcer: "He saw a strange mist. He walked into it. But when he came through it, it seemed to have vanished — and everything seemed strange to him!" Landlord: "I say, this is strange! Where is that mist I came through?"
(Hallowe'en Night)

Johann: "Don't yell at me. I'm no kid. I'm 35 years old. I'm a man!"
Alice: "A man? Hah! Don't make me laugh!"
(My Next Door Neighbor, Is A Wicked Witch)

Johnny: "Hey Molly, that was pretty cold-blooded!"
Real Estate Agent: "Yes, I agree with Johnny here."
(The Castle of Lo Sein)

Laughing Old Woman: "You can see no one's in this room. You can look in the cellar if you want to."
Captain Hale: "The cellar — yes! But I don't want to look in the cellar. I'd rather look in that closet over there!"
(Captain Hale)